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Important Ways to Improve Online Teaching 2023

Ways to Improve Online Teaching


The teaching modality has recently changed to online coaching. Worldwide efforts were made to adapt and enhance online learning by educators and students. While some people find it challenging to teach in this manner, in the majority of situations everything went well with advanced help and supervision.
For in-person instruction, schools, coaching centres, and colleges used an internet platform with scanned worksheets or reading material. Online learning has been greatly redefined thanks to technology.

Additionally, compared to a regular classroom, teaching online demands distinct approaches.

Therefore, it is crucial and highly vital for all instructors and faculties involved in education to develop their talents in order to make their instruction successful and interesting for pupils.

Ways to Improve Online Teaching
Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Here are some helpful tips for improving online lessons. By implementing these strategies, both you and your students will have a wonderful eLearning experience. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Make online classes more interactive

Ways to Improve Online Teaching

In online classes, connect with the students and the material in a way that makes learning simple and straightforward. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

To give pupils the impression that they are learning in a traditional classroom, teaching staff members must concentrate on connecting with students as much as possible.

You may perform activities that encourage student involvement, ask questions, and clear up their uncertainties to make online classrooms more dynamic. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Try to engage students online

Due of the teacher and students’ actual presence in the classroom during offline lessons, interactions between them are easy.

Establishing a virtual presence is crucial in online classrooms as a result. From the beginning of the course to its conclusion, the professors must interact with the students and support/direct them.

The kids will be made aware of your presence by the fact that you have made yourself known to them.

By addressing their concerns, posing inquiries, fostering interactions amongst students, and other means, try to interact as much as you can with the students. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Prefer recording the lecture rather than streaming it

We advise lecturers to record their lectures rather than broadcast them live to better online instruction.

A live lecture will be missed by a student if they are dealing with a poor internet connection or are ill. If the lecture is on video, students may watch it whenever it is convenient for them. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Instructor/Teacher must show face


We advise lecturers to appear in online lecture videos rather than educating students via slides, diagrams, and simple narration without revealing their faces.

Online teaching is improved by seeing a teacher’s or an instructor’s face, which increases interaction and effectiveness.

Ways to Improve Online Teaching
Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Keep videos short

We propose that in order to improve online instruction, lecturing should be recorded in 15-minute bursts rather than 1- or 2-hour-long lectures.

Longer movies may cause sluggish recording and learner distraction issues. We advise you to record two or three brief films if the lecture lasts an hour or more. Ways to Improve Online Teaching


Some effective tips for online teaching

Ways to Improve Online Teaching

  • Create a brief and unique video for every student.
  • Having fun while using GIFs and emoticons to demonstrate your and your student’s concern.
  • figuring out how to express gratitude or that a kid did wonderful work. enabling instance, putting up a method enabling other students to unmute and applaud at the conclusion of a presentation during live instruction is an example of this. Make sure students are familiar with the platform’s tools for clapping silently or expressing a response.
  • use a tool or any software to obtain feedback and responses from students in real-time.
  • Live sessions should begin with a show and tell.
  • establishing a weekly time for students to simply connect and speak.
  • Even if it’s done remotely, think about having music playing at the start of your lesson to create a nice atmosphere!
  • Start the lesson a little early to give the students time to mingle.
  • Create a few quick pre- and post-polling questions and compare the results. An insightful survey may spark fruitful debate and idea-sharing.
  • To keep students on task throughout class and to inform them of what they should be documenting, make a notebook or checklist.
  • Ask pupils to use emojis to express their feelings about what they have just learnt from time to time.
    To promote joy and laughter, include some amusing or humorous stuff.
  • Make time for breakout spaces so that students may work in groups or connect more readily.
  • Encourage students to ask questions during a conversation or in an online forum.

Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Effective pedagogical techniques, technological know-how, and an emphasis on student involvement and success are all necessary for improving online education. Here are some ideas for improving your online instruction:

Understand Technology:

  • Learn about the learning management system, Zoom, Google Meet, or other online education platform you’re utilising.
  • Recognise the functions and resources offered for screen sharing, chat, breakout spaces, and recording sessions.

Clarity of Expression:

Ways to Improve Online Teaching

  • Set explicit guidelines for students on the organisation of the course, the assignments, the due dates, and the communication.
  • To provide students a course schedule, use a syllabus or course outline.

Interactive Materials

  • Make interesting multimedia material, such as presentations, interactive quizzes, and films.
  • Include case studies and examples from the actual world that are pertinent to the topic.

Working together and interacting:

  • Encourage student participation through forums, group projects, or online office hours.
  • Make use of the breakout rooms for collaborative activities and small-group conversations.

Review and comments:

  • Implement several assessment techniques, such as exams, assignments, and peer reviews.
  • To assist pupils in improving, give timely feedback that is helpful.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

  • Make ensuring that all course materials are handicap-accessible for students.
  • Create an inclusive learning environment while being conscious of the various needs of your students.

Engagement Techniques:

Ways to Improve Online Teaching

  • To keep students interested, use active learning strategies like polls, dialogues, and computer simulations.
  • Add gamification components to make learning more fun. Ways to Improve Online Teaching


  • Learn about your students so you can adjust your instruction to their needs and interests.
  • Address specific inquiries and issues over the phone or via email during business hours.

Continual Communication

  • Frequently communicate with students via announcements, emails, or message boards.
  • Immediately address any technical problems. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

    Ways to Improve Online Teaching
    Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Gaining Professional Experience

  • Participating in training sessions and workshops can help you continually enhance your online teaching abilities.
  • Keep up with the most recent developments in online education methods and trends.

Peer evaluation and observation:

  • Work together with coworkers to review each other’s online courses and offer helpful criticism.
  • Share top tips and get knowledge from one another’s experiences.


  • Be adaptable and ready to change your teaching strategies in response to student feedback and evolving situations.
  • Try out novel approaches and tools to improve learning.

Student Assistance:

  • Give kids access to resources including academic guidance, mental health assistance, and tutoring programmes.
  • Be accessible to answer their issues and offer direction.

    Management of time:

  • To balance teaching, grading, and course preparation, use your time wisely.
  • To keep organised, use tools like calendars and to-do lists.

Feedback Gathering:

  • Obtain student input on a regular basis to evaluate their educational experiences.
  • Utilise this criticism to enhance your instruction over time.Keep in mind that a mix of technology, pedagogy, and human connection is the key to successful online teaching. As online educational settings, flexibility, empathy, and a willingness to adapt are essential.

Ways to Improve Online Teaching

15 Ways to Improve Your Online Teaching

Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Establish a Schedule and Limits


Without a set of norms to follow, online teaching will not be successful. There are baseline standards that you should uphold for good course delivery, despite the fact that students can learn at their own speed to a certain extent.

You need to establish limits and create a timetable first. Everything should have clearly stated timeframes, including when students may contact you, when lessons, group discussions, assessments, and comments will take place, and when tasks are due. You may set boundaries for both yourself and the pupils by doing this. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

If you don’t set limits on the hours that students may contact you, it can become too much. In the same manner, if students don’t follow a set timetable, timely course completion may not be achievable.

Automate Content Creation

Make sure you prepare the information beforehand and make it accessible to the students if you want online teaching to be as effective as possible. Students can explore the materials at their own pace and submit any questions they may have during live streaming sessions as a result. In the end, this results in a greater understanding of concepts. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Make it your own

Regardless of how far you are from your pupils, you must personalise the engagement. Make sure you continue to look for strategies to promote involvement. As much as possible, use their names while speaking to them and take the time to get to know them. Making the conversation more personal may greatly improve the quality of the instructor-learner interactions. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Think Like a Filmmaker

The calibre of the lesson is important, regardless of the video calibre. A resourceful video with subpar aesthetics is no better than one that was hurriedly produced and of great quality. Make sure you provide them with all-around appealing content in terms of length, graphic quality, and lesson delivery if you want to enhance interest in your courses. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Organise the Content of Your Courses

Half-baked material won’t cut it when it comes to internet success. It must make sense and be pertinent. The knowledge is essential for your kids to succeed in school and in their jobs.

Make sure to give your course structure plenty of thought. Your pupils will succeed if the material is divided into bite-sized, simple-to-understand courses. The impact on next enrollments might be enormous. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Boost Individualised Learning

Even while you want to be there for your pupils at all times, encouraging some independence may be beneficial. By limiting the hours when students may contact you, you can accomplish this.

Essentially, you should promote autonomous learning in your pupils by establishing clear timetables for class time, small-group talks, and solitary study. Additionally, making study materials available in advance can greatly aid in motivating the pupils to study on their own. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Classroom Experience Gamification

A enjoyable aspect of learning might be playing games. Games may be a terrific way to learn, from enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities to lengthening attention spans.

You may assist students learn in a variety of ways by introducing several game versions into your course schedule, which will ultimately improve their performance. Additionally, it encourages pupils to be competitive, which inspires them to create and accomplish objectives. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Make Lecture Recordings

Prioritise recording your lectures even if live broadcasting is crucial (particularly for question-and-answer sessions). Since the students may view the courses whenever it is most convenient for them, this provides the flexibility and convenience that are absent in traditional classroom settings. Additionally, it increases the efficacy of the course since students may view the lectures over and over again until they fully grasp the ideas.

Additionally, taped lectures guarantee that students who miss sessions due to illness or any other unavoidable cause can make up the material. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Display Your Face

Audios can be used to deliver content. One could wish to listen to a podcast while driving, exercising, cooking, or strolling, for example. However, audio lectures might not be as interesting as video lectures in a classroom setting.

Being visible throughout the presentation is crucial for increasing participation.

It’s assumed that you’ll want to display slides at some point, which is fantastic and beneficial for learning. But don’t allow your face be replaced by slides! Better yet, speak straight into the camera while checking the quality of the vision and sound. This aids in developing a close relationship with your students. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Save videos

A terrible user experience is offered by short, long videos. Long movies come with dangers, including slow download speeds and attention loss. Aim to keep the videos to a maximum of 10 or 15 minutes. If the lesson goes over this time limit, think about breaking it up into another clip. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Provide Detailed Instructions

One characteristic of effective online courses is their clarity and concision. Make sure you employ the same approach while delivering directions. Do more than simply list the sources the students should consult. Instead, point out the precise locations in those resources that people should visit. Give them the precise timestamp where they may locate the pertinent information,

Give them the precise timestamp where they may locate the pertinent information, for instance. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Establish Reasonable Goals


Although it is the student’s obligation to complete the assignment, it is your duty to prepare them for success. Keep your expectations in check and be careful to express them properly. Even if something appears apparent, never make any assumptions. For instance, every time a student sits down to write a paper, remind them of the deadlines; don’t assume they are aware. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Utilise group dialogue Carefully

Group interaction gives you yet another opportunity to engage with your pupils. You should be careful not to apply it to teaching, though. You may use it for other things instead, like virtual office hours. Ways to Improve Online Teaching


Establish online office hours the same way you would in person so that any student who needs administrative assistance may log in and contact you. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Give students the reins

You want to be there for your pupils, but you also want to provide them the tools they need to solve problems on their own. Create spaces for small student groups where they may support and learn from one another. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Establish a Reliable Process

Continuity aids in developing an organised learning approach. Although you might want to experiment with the many approaches you come across, too much context switching might be distracting. Choose a teaching approach that works for you, then use it in all of your courses.

Simply changing your in-person class model to remote is another thing to avoid. Each model necessitates a particular strategy for teaching, learning, and class engagement. As a result, to ensure course efficacy, make sure you employ the appropriate technologies that are appropriate for online learning. Ways to Improve Online Teaching

Ways to Improve Online Teaching

List of online courses

Online courses in science, the arts, photography, education, design, computers, psychology, and other fields are widely available. The list of a few online courses is provided below.

Finding Purpose & Meaning in Life

  • Medical Research for Beginners Understanding
  • Overview of Cloud Computing
  • Building Blocks of Mindfulness
  • Financial Principles
  • Sas Viya is a tool for machine learning.
  • Biological Science of Health
  • Contact Tracing AI for Everyone with Covid-19
  • monetary markets
  • Overview of Psychology
  • Learning C++ for AWS International Marketing
  • Analytics for Prediction and Data Mining
  • UCSD Education How Anyone Can Learn Michigan Programming
  • R Programming at JHU
  • Training for Google CBRS CPI

List of the Learning app


Ways to Improve Online Teaching

The list of some educational applications that are both free and offer a quality learning environment is provided below. Some applications aid in test preparation, some in acquiring new skills, while yet others offer courses for skill development.

  • Digital Learning
  • Khan Academy
  • Vedantu Udemy
  • Unacademy by Ju
  • MyCBSEguide
  • Vidyakul
  • Toppr
  • Doubtnut
  • GradeUp
  • by Adda247
  • coding masters
  • Jigsaw College
  • Duolingo
  • Simplilearn
  • Indigolearn
  • Testbook

The learning applications described above are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Therefore, these learning applications are available to any student who is motivated to study, prepare for an admission exam, or desire to improve their skills. These applications are useful and will be very helpful to you.

Ways to Improve Online Teaching

We are in a new era of learning. Through this post, we wish to assist you in enhancing online learning.

Ways to Improve Online Teaching


Despite the abrupt and significant transition towards virtual learning, there were some unanticipated advantages. Online learning has become a popular option for both students and teachers since it reduces administrative labour, makes it easier to revise course content, and allows for more flexible instruction. We hope the 15 suggestions we’ve provided will help you become a better teacher as you learn more about the advantages of online learning.

Consider using Classavo to improve your online teaching skills while you wait. We provide educators a free platform to produce and distribute course materials to a group of students. Classavo gives you the chance to shape your students’ brains from the comfort of your own home with robust tools to manage the student experience and track success.

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